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Jameson can help you start off on the right foot. We'll make sure you're asking for the funding that will meet your needs, and help you demonstrate your professionalism, commitment, and ability to correctly manage a government award.



Getting it right from the start.

When you present a proposal to the federal government, the support for every dollar needs to be substantiated. We’ve helped clients propose, manage, and survive audits on more than $3 billion of government awards. Setting yourself up for success starts by getting the cost proposal right!

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The difference between working IN your business and working ON it. 

An indirect cost is the price of doing business that doesn’t directly relate to a specific grant, contract or commercial project. Heat, electricity, and administrative costs are all good examples.

An indirect cost rate is the methodology for allocating how these costs will be proportionally paid for by the government, as well as your other clients. This rate needs to be part of your proposal, and your ability to project the best indirect cost rate could literally make or break a business.

While undercharging the government for indirect expenses is legal, it is expensive – as it leads to guaranteed project cost losses that have to be paid for somehow and that may or may not be a good strategic idea. The government will certainly not stop you from giving them a good deal. If you do not have equity backing or an extremely profitable commercial revenue stream, this strategy can be a swift and certain road to financial ruin.

Conversely, if your indirect cost rate is too high you run the risk of not being competitive, and if you over bill the government, they will require swift repayment.

Determining and negotiating the correct indirect cost rate requires a depth of understanding and expertise. Like that at Jameson.


Phase 1 SBIR cost proposal review: Our experts will review your cost proposal and point out any potential issues and pitfalls. This service is designed to enhance your ability to receive a government award, and to prevent avoidable mistakes that could impact your innovation and business.

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Phase 1 Survival Kit: Phase I Survival Kit We’ll get your accounting system setup and you’ll get 6 hours of training from one of our accounting professionals. Think of this as a boot camp for accounting. We know you may already be thinking about Phase II, so we’ll give you some pointers on what to do in the coming year.

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Phase II SBIR, ARPA-E, BARDA, R01, R23, BAA, IDIQ cost proposal support including indirect rate development: This service goes significantly deeper. In addition to reviewing your cost proposal, we will work with you to envision how one of these larger awards will transform your business and to ensure that your project and business goals are properly presented in your cost proposal.  We have indirect rate projection templates that we will use with you, and will provide feedback from benchmarks established from our experience procuring, managing and surviving audit on more than $3 billion of awards.  Rest assured, we will help you develop the most appropriate indirect cost rate.

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