August 9, 2019 / Ed Gray /

Are you checking all the FAR Part 31 boxes?

There are ongoing procedures necessary to complying with the Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 31. To help, we’re sharing our “43-Steps To FAR Compliance” checklist. Download it, print it, share it and adhere to it. Trust us, this list will help you avoid trouble.
Jameson & Company’s 43-step checklist details specific tasks that must be completed for key areas:
  • ongoing cash managementJAM-Compliance-Checklist-preview
  • credit card management
  • timecard and employee resources planning and management
  • cutoff
  • other assets and accrued expenses
  • debt
  • equity
  • contract and grant management
  • indirect rate monitoring
  • revenue recognition

It also shows which tasks can be completed by a competent, well trained administration person, a degreed accountant, or a FAR Part 31 specialist.